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Our Mission...

Centered Learning Academy is committed to the empowerment of youth and adults, of all ages, to overcome challenges in their lives with positive results-driven training and technique acquisition and to the creation of work and learning environments were people can do their best; to provide trainings that are versatile and adaptable to any group or individual and designed to empower participants to thrive in every area of their life; and to create a motivating and enthusiastic environment where participants are inspired to achieve their personal and business enrichment goals.


Centered Learning Academy Professional Development trainings help employers to create a “mind-healthy workforce” and inclusive environment for an attuned workforce with boosted morale and positive attitude, resulting in a stronger work team.


We strive to strengthen the family and school setting through teacher, parent, and child trainings that reduce aggression (bullying) and stress, and are designed to foster student’s positive self-esteem and learning readiness.

Youth and Family Academy

Individual and School Programs--

This is an opportunity for youth of all ages to find inner strengths that helps them formulate a blueprint on which to create infinite possibilities for success and happiness in life. Parents and Children will benefit from learned coping skills and exercises that lead to positive social and academic life experiences. Bring greater strength and cohesiveness to your family. Reduce /eliminate unwanted behavior at home and at school.

According to studies, mindfulness training helps to recalibrate the brain to help the individual create healthy social, academic and personal habits. (see recent study below)


Family Centered Programs:

~~Mindfulness Training for adult and children.


SCHOOLS:   Mindfulness in schools prevents/reduces bullying and increases learning for school success.


~~Guided Art Sessions for adults and children. View Rosario's Art.

~~School and agency based trainings (see Centered Beings, Infinite Possibilities and Classroom Management)


STUDY: Brain study reveals mindfulness could help prevent obesity in children.

Professional Staff and Individual Training

The best managers are those that know their people well and continue to get to know them. Business owners and employees benefit from the empowerment to overcome challenges, harness strengths, and the ability to create a positive working environment.

Skills gained through the workshops are applicable to any career and will enhance everyday interaction with others, whether at work or home.

Empowered employees result in less absenteeism, less "burnout", greater workforce retention, better productivity and more positive individual and team outcomes.


Join the Leadership Academy and embark in a series of trainings for your entire organization.

Infinite Possibilities, Thoughts Become Things, Mindful Leadership, The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work


Take your business to the next level!

Trainings for Groups and Individuals.

Learn the universal principles that enable every person to thrive instead of simply survive. Let go of old stories from external sources and find your own internal resources to transition and move forward with your life dreams, goals, and desires. Create your world of infinite possibilities and you will succeed in your endeavors. Whether your goal is to improve your career, finances, social life, health, or any other parts of your life...this is the place to empower yourself for success.


COACHING-Individual and group.

Infinite Possibilities, Thoughts Become Things

The possibilities are infinite, but the choice is all yours...

Classroom Management Training

Classroom Management

Prevent, respond, or recover from school failure. Research-based, results-driven staff development training.

INVEST JUST ONE DAY to learn how to improve standardized scores and reduce the number of disciplinary referrals plus much more...

1) Learn powerful self-control strategies. Remain calm and respond in all situations.

2) Incorporate Leading-edge classroom design ideas.

3) Increase time on task, scores, and classroom climate by teaching to rules and procedures.

4) Capture student attention.

5) Build strong student-teacher relationships.

6) Eliminate multiple warning and repeated requests.

7) Use proven methods to deal with serious challenging behavior.

8) Learn to reward you students in more motivating ways.

9) Receive an extensive research-based training resource manual.

10) Receive support after your training to ensure our strategies are successful in your building.

Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Imagery

Obtain faster and more permanent results by accessing your subconscious mind.

  • ADD Certified
  • Motivation
  • Self-image
  • Weight Loss
  • Depression
  • Goal Achievement
  • Focus
  • Test Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Pain Management
  • Procrastination
  • Stress Management
  • Much more...

Gain greater success in life by approaching change, challenges, and solutions through the subconscious path. The mind is like an iceberg, 12% is our conscious mind, but 88% of our thoughts and actions are directed by our subconscious and old life stories buried within. Break the cycle and discover your path to success, by accessing and changing imbedded beliefs. Bring it all together with hypnosis and Therapeutic Imagery, the fastest and most potent path to your empowerment. FREE CONSULTATION by appointment