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Introduction to the Centered Beings Program

Mindfulness Training

(available in Spanish and English)

Let’s face it, the world of our grandparents, and even our parents, has changed to the point of none-existence. In our fast paced world of microwaves, instant messaging, cell phones and fast food, we find ourselves moving faster and faster…to the point of frantic distress! The level of stress suffered by youngsters has risen dramatically in relation to these changes in our society, in our homes, and in our schools. We are constantly connected to the chatter around us and the same holds true for our children. But there is a way to keep your sanity and help you create a mindful environment for you and your child. The Centered Beings Program is design to help you and your child “disconnect” from the chatter around you and find a quiet space within you to be in the “now”.

There is not denying that the environment has a tremendous impact on our lives and well-being, but the most detrimental aspect is our inability to let go and find the strength within us to deal with life situations and challenges. With our senses being constantly bombarded, it is no wonder that we suffer a multitude of stress induced illness. Without the proper coping skills our children, like ourselves, become more susceptible to illness and distress.


I created this workshop in response to your expressed fears, worries, concerns and your request for support in gaining the skills needed to deal with these challenges and, most of all, as a hands-on approach in guiding you and your child through the learning and practice of essential coping skills.


The Centered Beings Workshop is an empowering holistic approach designed to provide a blueprint for better self-esteem and personal success that leads to positive social and academic life experiences. These skills bring greater strength and cohesiveness to your family and reinforces your ability to succeed, in our current world, as a unit and individually.


In this program we cover and learn techniques to address:

  • What is Mindfulness
  • Mindful Parenting and a Mindful Family
  • Dealing With Worries
  • Dealing With Difficult Feelings
  • Attention/Being in the Now
  • Disconnecting the Chatter--Finding the Quiet Within
  • Family Kindness and Patience
  • Trust and Let Go

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