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Infinite Possibilities Certified Training



A comprehensive self-awareness and empowerment program leading to a more positive and inclusive personal or work environment.

This is one of the most comprehensive trainings you can bring to your organization. Individually and collectively, this training unlocks the infinite possibilities of life in each participant!


Reduce stress, work burnout, non-inclusiveness, negativity and you will increase collaboration, equitability, job satisfaction and productivity by creating a positive welcoming environment.


**All participants receive a book, workbook and a Certificate of Completion for CE verification.




Session 1 – Introduction

In this session we will set the stage, get to know one another, and talk about the expectations and objectives of the program.


Session 2 – Thoughts Become Things

In this session we will cover:

• How our thoughts create our lives.

• What present thoughts we are having.

• How to create new thoughts.

• How to deal with negative thoughts and use visualization to focus our thoughts in a positive direction.


Session 3 – Beliefs

In this session we will cover:

• The most common beliefs that people have.

• How these beliefs relate to our thoughts and life experiences.

• Techniques for changing limiting beliefs.

• How to establish and maintain new, empowering beliefs.


Session 4 – Emotions

In this session we will cover:

• Where emotions come from and what do they mean.

• How they fit with our thoughts, actions and life experiences.

• Tools for changing perspectives and establishing new beliefs.


Session 5 – Taking Action

In this session we will cover:

• Why action is needed.

• How to get going by taking baby steps.

• Why “how” is not as important as you might think.

• Creating an action plan.


Session 6 – Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires

In this session we will cover:

• Our inner senses—specifically instincts and hunches.

• Our dreams and getting on the path of living them.


Session 7 – Faith and the Magical Universe

In this session we will cover:

• Faith as something we all use, whether we realize it or not.

• How to tap into our faith.

• How to apply it to creating our dreams.


Session 8 – The Meaning of Life

In this final session we will cover:

• How life really unfolds and how to enjoy the adventure of it all.

• How to learn from the lessons life provides.

• The simple strategies used by successful people.


Thoughts do become things…

master your thoughts…master your life and destiny forever!



[email protected]

[email protected]

Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to enhancing your life!


Temas incluidos en el programa de Posibilidades Infinitas.


1. Los pensamientos se convierten en cosas


2. Las Creencias


3. Las Emociones


4. Actúa


5. Instintos y Corazonadas, Sueños y Deseos


6. La Fe y el Universo Mágico


7. El Significado de la Vida

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